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Séjour équestre

Gîte, Spa et accueil équestre

au coeur du Parc Naturel Régional du Plateau de Maillevaches

Gourmet stay

Organic products, local products ... Corrèze carries high the quality of its soil.

Through these few addresses, we help you discover a little of its wealth.



Local products

Bugeat Fish Farm

Rainbow trout, Farios trout, Fountain trout and smoked trout. Located in the heart of the valley, the small Vézère floods the basins of the fish farm of Pierre REYNAUD and Pascale PETIT built in the 70s. Come and discover the production of salmon and follow the different stages of production, walk on the path "discovery of the otter "... and why not catch your fish! Opening: Every day: in june july and august from 9h to 12h and from 14h30 to 19h - closed on sunday afternoon - from 1st sept to 30 june: 9h-12h and 15h to 18h and closed on sunday afternoon and Monday all day. Contact: 5, Barthou Mill 19170 BUGEAT / 06 08 60 62 85 On the market: Markets of Meymac Country Producers Markets of Festive Country Producers of Treignac Bugeat local markets (19) 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, Eymoutiers (87) 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month and Felletin (23) 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month

Visit of the fish farm: 3 € from 10 years - Fishing on the pond: from April to September: 12 € / kg

Marcilloux's snail

It is in his adopted village Marcilloux, Laurianne Jaillet, launched the production of "gros gris". Come taste and buy: Coquile snails Bourguignonne. For the aperitif, crispy shells accompanied by a cheese stuffing: Roquefort cheese, goat cheese, cantal cheese, Comté cheese, pesto with wild garlic, parsley ... New recipes developed throughout the year. Free tasting


Contact: Laurianne Jaillet - Marcilloux 19260 Affieux - 0612310179

Opening: 10:00 to 17:00 Tuesday to Saturday Visits: in the evening from July to mid-September at 8 pm

Sale on the market of Producers of Naves Country and festive market of the Producers of Countries in Sarran and Treignac You can also find them in the local markets of: Chambéret, Seilhac, Treignac, Tulle ....

Free visit but by appointment

The Jardin des Monédières: organic farming

Market gardeners in natural culture. Direct sales of organic vegetables Every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm Diana settles in front of the hall of Lestards on the church square with her vegetables picked the same morning!

Contact: Diane at 06 41 83 30 18

Organic eggs from Madame Cora Merelli

This agricultural farmer, who has been in business for 2 years and settled in ORLIAC DE BAR (19390), specializes in poultry farming and offers organic egg production.

The Mazeau farm in Chaumeil

Direct sale in market gardening from organic farming and possibility of ordering sheep raised in organic farming.

Baskets at different prices (10 or 15 €)

The Monédière farm in Chaumeil

Near the montain of Suc au May, our farm showcases heathland and meadows. Wild blueberry picking, limousine sheep farming, vegetable production in open fields. In season sale in fresh and snack on the farm.

Chèvrerie de l'Ornon


Virginie produces goat cheeses: the famous Limousin leaf, log, ash log, "Ornon be", faisselle, fromage frais, dry cheese, raclette cheese, Camembert style soft cheese, Goat Blue ... Sale on the farm: Tuesday to Thursday from 10:30 to 12:30. Friday and Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 and from 17:00 to 19:00 Sale on the markets: Markets in Eymoutiers on Saturday mornings, fairs in Bugeat on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, Chamberet markets on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Address: L'Ornon 19170 VIAM Tel: 06 32 50 14 06

Chocolaterie Borzeix Besse


For gourmands visiting Treignac, a visit to the Borzeix Besse chocolate workshops is a must! It is by a small street at the back of the store that we access, once the door crossed the smell guides us to the first floor. It is first the History of chocolate that is presented to us, then the chocolatiers in full work and finally the tasting room ... Guided tours from Tuesday to Saturday at 15h (on reservation from April to October) - Tel . 05 55 98 18 98. Do not hesitate to go to the tea room in the shop.

Guided tour: € 4.50 / adult and € 3 / child

Cider / apple juice from Les Monédières


Production of cider and pure apple juice under the name Cidre des Monédières. This unique processing company located on the territory of the Park, is marked Product of the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches. Sales points: Tree House, Tourist Office, many local merchants and on-site direct sales and summer markets. Visits: possible all year by appointment, afternoons (production period: from September to December). Contact: Company adapted AVEHC - Z.A. angle - 19370 Chamberet -05 55 98 89 96

The mineral water of Treignac


The mineral water of Treignac is drawn from the heart of Monédières on the commune of Treignac. This very mildly mineralized water is also marketed as a fogger. Contact: Eau de Treignac - The Borzeix - B.P 12 - 19260 Treignac - 05 55 97 28 04 -

Duck farming - Ferme de Freyssingeas


Breeding and feeding of ducks on the borders of the Millevaches plateau and Monédières. Marie and Christian produce ducks, foie gras, canned and fresh. Opening: Every day (phone preferably)

Visit of the farm: Thursdays after noon on reservation.

Sale on the Market of Producers of Pays de Treignac (July and August)

Contact: Address: Freyssingeas 19370 SOUDAINE LAVINADIERE - - 05 55 98 07 95

Honey - La Clé des Champs


The 250 hives are located mainly on the territory of the Natural Park of Millevaches and the production has the Organic Agriculture Label. Most hives are sedentary for mountain and heather honey, and about 25% transhumid in the Brive Basin to harvest acacia and buckthorn. Ishmael and Jerome also make nougat and gingerbread. Direct sales on the farm by appointment. Sale on the market of producers of countries the summer in Treignac. Contact: Triviaux - 19260 Veix - 05 55 98 11 15 - 06 74 04 99 47

Cattle and lambs in organic farming - La Ferme de Saint Dulcet


Sibylle and Stephen raise in the rules of organic farming cattle and lambs. Sale on the farm: every 2nd Saturday of the month in Tralourieux Chamberet market: every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.


GAEC of Saint Dulcet Tralourieux - 19370 Chamberet - - +33 (0) 5 55 98 24 80

Honey - Le Rucher Sauvage


In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches, in the Monédières in a typical farm of the XVI century, Bernard Laurent, beekeeping produces honeys of mountain and monofloral, pollen, mead, honey vinegar, candied dried fruits with honey, breads spices ... in the rules of organic farming. Opening: Every day by appointment.


Sale on the Markets of Country Producers in summer: Meymac and Treignac

Contact: Nespoux - 19170 Lestards - 05 55 94 01 83

Berry farm - Les Vergers de Veix


Production of blueberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, elderberries, ... grown according to the rules of organic farming - Galloway cattle breeding. Open all year round by appointment, in July and August - picked every morning.


Carine et Thony - Chez Juillac - 19260 Veix - 05 55 97 98 67 ou 06 26 34 11 78

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Fairs and markets

Treignac's market

Country Producer Markets on Fridays at 5pm in July and August

Treignac's fayre


Fayre the 4th Monday of the month

Other fayres and markets in Corrèze and Limousin


- Brive: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

- Bugeat: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month

- Egletons: Sunday morning

- Eymoutiers: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month

- La Croisille sur Briance: the 18th of every month

- Meymac: 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

- Tulle: Wednesday and Saturday morning

- Ussel: Saturday morning

The foires grasses (in winter):

- Brive la Gaillarde: 5 Saturdays between December and March under the Georges Brassens Hall

(info: Mairie de Brive - tel 05 55 18 16 46 -

- Neuvic: mid December

(info: tourist office Gorges de Haute Dordogne - tel 05 55 95 88 78 -


"Frairie of Little Bellies" of Limoges: This important fair that dates from the Middle Ages, takes place every year in the neighborhood of the Boucherie in Limoges the 3rd Friday of October.

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3 good reasons to go to 





for his excellent

home cooking


for Carine's smile


specify that you are staying at Domaine de Mandrin, they will offer you an aperitif!

Treignac Restaurants


For a list of restaurants in the area, visit the website of the Treignac Tourist Office

Our favorites in Corrèze

- La Brasseie in Treignac (19260)

The Hotel de France at Chamberet (19370)

The Rochefort in Lonzac (19470)

The Deshors Foujanet Hotel Restaurant in Chamboulive (19450)

The Leondou in Saint-Salvadour (19700)

The Relais des Monédières in Seihac (19700)

At Tessier's place in Uzerche (19140)

The Muscular Treble in Uzerche (19140)

The Sommelier Tavern in Tulle (19000)

The Chauzeix Inn (19139) The Moon fisherman in Corrèze (19800)

The Ruchers des Bruyères farmhouse inn in Saint-Augustin (19139)

The J. Chirac museum restaurant in Sarran (19800)

The Blueberry in Chaumeil (19390)

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